Cordial Possibilities

Liqueurs have been instrumental in the ongoing renaissance of the cocktail. With few exceptions, they’re the essential flavor components in most great cocktails and specialty drinks, making them franchise players in modern mixology. The Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Kamikaze, Long Island Iced Tea, Black Russian, B-52, and Mai Tai are among a long list of popular drinks dependent on liqueurs for their identity.


The truth of the matter is that liqueurs are in style any time, at any occasion and in any season. All self-respecting bars — commercial or otherwise — must have a full complement of liqueurs and cordials at the ready if they are to satisfy the wants of parched partygoers.

So, if you’re used to liqueurs gathering dust on the shelves, consider adopting a marketing approach based on emphasizing their diverse range of uses. Often social hosts are looking to make a few special cocktails for a party, or occasion, but lack familiarity with the process. A few timely suggestions may make all the difference.

To that end, here is a description of popular categories of drinks, cocktails and elixirs that you can create at home with liqueurs.

* FRAPPéS — During the Roaring ’20s, frappés were the rage and their ability to draw a crowd hasn’t diminished. A frappé is a mixed drink served over a mound of crushed ice in a champagne saucer or cocktail glass. Essentially it’s a snow cone with pizzazz. Frappés were literally made to showcase liqueurs. For instance, the Green Hooter is made with equal parts of Midori, light rum, orange and pineapple juice, while the Coffee Marnier Frappé features equal parts of Kahl


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