A sampling of supplier merchandising materials available to retailers.


Those smart enough to “Crack Jack’s Safe” in the latest national Jack Daniel’s promotion can end up with $100,000 in silver dollars locked inside. For the third year, Brown-Forman Beverages Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is promoting the brand with a sweepstakes that will send 34 finalists to Lynchburg, TN, to try their hand at winning the grand prize. The promotion recalls the morning in 1905 when Jack Daniel’s forgot the combination to his office safe and kicked it in frustration. This resulted in a broken toe, and that injury eventually led to an infection that killed him. Retail merchandising materials include case cards with sweepstakes tear pads, as well as a permanent wooden replica of Jack’s safe and program banners.


Luna di Luna Italian wines, marketed by A.V. Imports, launched what it terms its “Full Moon” campaign, which highlights a different promotion each quarter for its Chardonnay/Pinot Grigio, Sangiovese/Merlot and Merlot/Cabernet blends. This one features a waiter’s corkscrew attached to each 1.5-liter bottle, accenting the trend toward purchases of larger-size bottles.


Canadian Mist, from Brown-Forman Beverages Worldwide, is running its “Escape With Canadian Mist” sweepstakes promotion through April, featuring the grand prize of a week-long trip for four to a scenic, remote lodge in Canada. Entrants in the outdoor-themed promotion can also win Canon waterproof cameras, Orvis fishing gear and outdoor portable chairs. In addition, consumers can send in a mail-in request for a 7-foot or miniature 24-inch Canadian Mist float plane.


Allied Domecq Spirits USA has launched an ambitious nationwide promotion featuring a Kahl


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