The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos

As editor of StateWays, I’ve been covering the control states for a half dozen years now, and I’ve come to appreciate the delicate balancing act that commissioners and administrators at the 19 control jurisdictions must perform. Operating under state budgetary constraints and guidelines, they generally are charged with having to deliver increasing revenues to the state coffers while simultaneously addressing numerous issues having to do with the responsible control and distribution of beverage alcohol products.

And then there are those who are not only committed to serving the people of their state, but who also step up to devote extra time and energy to help move all the control states forward. Current NABCA President Dyke Nally, of Idaho, and incoming NABCA President Lynn M. Walding, of Iowa, are two such people.

I recently had the good fortune to spend several hours cloistered in a conference room with Lynn and Dyke, along with NABCA Executive Director Jim Sgueo and StateWays contributing editor Cheryl Ursin, conducting the interview upon which this issue’s cover story is based (page 10).

Lynn’s apt theme for his upcoming tenure is “Embrace Change, Honor Tradition.” He understands that his one-year Presidency is an evolutionary step in the process of improving the control landscape. At the same time, he recognizes that “change” is sometimes necessary to remain fresh and viable — for all the control states as well as for the NABCA.

(from left) Lynn M. Walding, incoming NABCA President; Dyke Nally, current NABCA President; and Jim Sgueo, NABCA Executive Director, at the New York City conference room where they were interviewed for this issue’s cover story.

For his part, Dyke has charted an ambitious path. He’s been a moving force behind the upcoming Best Practices Guide for NABCA members, which should be available next year. This promises to be an invaluable tool that all control states can use to measure and improve their operations. And the first Brokers’ Task Force took place on his watch, which has resulted in a more expanded recognition of brokers by the NABCA. I’m sure there’s a lot more, not to mention the traveling to meetings and conferences all over the world to deliver the NABCA message.

I know that Lynn and Dyke would never forgive me if I didn’t convey their feelings that the NABCA wouldn’t be the effective organization it is without the tremendous leadership of Jim Sgueo and the ongoing hard work of the entire NABCA staff.

Congratulations to all. And here’s to a successful 2004-2005.


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