Want to ring in retail sales for the holidays? Start by stocking items from our Seasonal Spectacular, a holiday merchandising sampler from major spirits suppliers. Not enough? Turn to page 48 to see more spirited promotions.

Nice Spread

Clos Du Bois varietals are positioning themselves as an integral part of “Great Holiday Get Togethers.” In-store holiday merchandise from Allied Domecq includes a case card featuring a “great holiday” party spread and bottle neckers with suggestions on how consumers can host their own fabulous get together.

Premium Party

Taylor premium ports and sherries from Canandaigua Wine Co. will be promoting the eat-drink-be-merry mentality this season with dessert and drink recipes. Holiday case cards with a portrait of various drinks, candles and roses is available.

Cordially Yours

For customers looking for after-dinner or holiday drinks, Allied Domecq has assembled a Drambuie 750 ml gift set that includes an Italian glass decanter. Bottles of the Scottish cordial can also be purchased in red luxo-cartons featuring a Drambuie label and seal attached to a
plaid ribbon.

In Flight

Grey Goose is flying into the holi day season with a holiday gift pack consisting of a 750 ml bottle of the ultrapremium vodka and two 5-ounce Martini glasses. Sidney Frank also added a holiday greeting card on the back of the pack to help insure low-maintenance gift-giving.

Winter Warmer

IDV wants to warm up the holiday season with a Baileys Original Irish Cream 750 ml gift box that holds a bottle of Baileys and two mugs with silver faces on the front, actress Helen Hunt’s wintery rendition of the original Baileys “Yum” mugs.

3-D Holiday

Trimmed with optional twinkling lights, Inglenook wines’ 3-D holiday motion display will draw attention to the line of varietals from Canandaigua. The display features a sleigh overflowing with wrapped gifts and an oversized Inglenook bottle, and bears the slogan “Discover Today’s Inglenook.”


Tanqueray Wrap Up

Tanqueray is celebrating the season with a display of a frosty, snowflaked-adorned acrylic gift box containing oversized bottles of Tanqueray Gin, Tanqueray Malacca Gin and Tanqueray Sterling Vodka, adorned with an oversized green bow. The giant gift display is 18″x24″x18″ at a total height of 70″ and is available from Schieffelin & Somerset, along with a holiday case card.

Absolut Tree Trimming

Three stacked tiers of Absolut bottles decorated with ribbons and blue, snowflaked ornaments, all topped with a glittery snowflake serves as a part of this year’s Absolut Holiday. Retailers can also display mega-mass pole or hanging display, case card, counter and shelf materials that feature a photo of the three-tiered tree. All p-o-s is available from Seagram Americas.

Small Batch Season

Do you have customers who can seriously appreciate a small batch bourbon? Then it might be a good idea to check out The Small Batch Bourbon Collection from Jim Beam Brands Co. The Collection consists of four bourbons packaged in limited edition gift sets: Knob Creek comes with a 10-ounce, logoed Manhattan cocktail glass; Booker’s with a special 10th Anniversary bottle and box; Baker’s in a gift box; Basil Hayden’s in a contemporary gift box.

Bacardi by Snowflake

Bacardi will also be joining the holiday merchandising scene with snowflake-themed p-o-s. Bacardi-Martini USA is offering retailers a holiday cabana, a battery-operated pole topper with a wire tree and a “Bacardi by Night” ball that spi ns in a stationary metallic snowflake. Also available are gift cartons, gift bags, two-sided case card, soft sheet poster and recipe books with a holder.

Cueing In

J&B wants customers to “Enjoy the moment” with its J&B Rare “Jazz & Blues” CD gift set. IDV is also offering a billiards kit for $49.99. The package includes a 19″x12.5″x5″ billiards table, a set of balls, set-up triangle, two cues and instructions.


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