Wines produced in New York State are making a mark.

The Millbrook Winery (above), one of the leading
Hudson River Valley wineries, and Finger Lakes region
winery Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyards (below).


Still think of New York State wines as being clumsy and barely drinkable? Think again.

“The bad reputation of New York State wines is disappearing,” said Hermann Wiemer, the German-born proprietor of Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard of Dundee, NY. “More good quality wines are being produced than ever before from Long Island to the Finger Lakes.”

Wiemer continued: “I remember when I started with Walter Taylor at Bully Hill in 1968. There was so much undrinkable wine around…from everywhere in the state. But it soon became clear to me that the Finger Lakes region held tremendous potential as a wine district for cool climate grape varieties, such as riesling, chardonnay and pinot noir.

“Now, with all the remarkable progress in vineyard management and winemaking technique, especially in the last decade, we’re finally seeing the rewards in the form of well-made wines, wines that are winning acclaim at international competitions and in the press.”

As an example, early last year, Wiemer’s superlative riesling became part of a wine list focused on German rieslings at Lut


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