Autumn is here and with it comes a host of merchandising opportunities. The start of the fall sports season, the upcoming holidays and jazz are some of the themes of suppliers’ promotions for fall ’98.

A Grouse About

The Famous Grouse is headed to the golf course, by way of a Palace Brands fall promotion offering four posters that capture the finer points of the classic game. All it takes is $12.95, plus $4.95 shipping and handling sent to Divots & Whiffs, Inc., 29 Pearl St., NW, Suite 510, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, and customers can walk away with a piece of Scottish sports history.

Jimminy Jazz

Paul Masson Grande Amber Brandy introduces the “Grande Master of Jazz,” through its latest sweepstakes promotion. Winners might be on their way to one of four major Jazz Festivals, or take home an exclusive Herman Leonard poster, a CD boom box or “Jazz Memories,” a collection of Leonard’s jazz photos and memories. P-o-s, available through Canandaigua Wine Co., include a wall banner, shelf talker, case card with tear-off poster and a gift carton.

Meet Monte

Monte the Worm, spokesworm for Monte Alban mezcal, has returned, and this time he is ready for the upcoming hockey season. In Barton Brands’ “Shoot It! Eat It! Prof-It! promotion, retailers can score a party kit that features Monte in hockey gear on posters and banners. Hockey stick drink stirrers, key chains and other premium items are also a part of the package.

Hunger Harvest

Sutter Home Winery has teamed up with Second Harvest to create a promotion to benefit Sutter Home drinkers and hunger-relief efforts as well. From the end of October to the New Year, stores can promote the cause with a mass display, an illuminated 3D window display and holiday-themed “Share the Harvest” spectacular cards. A bottle necker will detail the wine rebate and how to donate.


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