New Hampshire Liquor Commission Modernization Act To Become Law

Major Changes Proposed by Chairman Bodi Approved by Lawmakers and to be Signed into Law by Governor John H. Lynch

The New Hampshire Legislature today passed sweeping changes in the operation of the New Hampshire Liquor Commission. The new laws, which will soon be signed into law by Governor John H. Lynch, were originally proposed as part of the Liquor Commission Modernization Act (LCMA), and included as part of the state’s budget package. Highlights of these new laws include: establishing the Commission as an Enterprise Fund Agency, realigning the Liquor Commission’s major departments, providing the Liquor Commission with greater administrative latitude to respond to its retail and customer needs more quickly, and giving the Commission broader discretion to close unprofitable and inefficient stores. In addition, the new laws allow the Commission to open up to 8 new agency stores in markets they believe are needed or necessary to satisfy local community needs as a result of closed state stores, and authorizes the sale of other items in stores such as gift bags, cork screws, wine glasses, etc. and will make it easier, and simpler for non profit groups and charities to obtain wine tasting licenses.

“The new laws enacted as a result of the Liquor Commission Modernization Act will allow the Commission to operate more like a business and maximize its full revenue potential while retaining our important control state structure, “said Commission Chairman Mark M. Bodi. We appreciate the confidence and support of lawmakers and our Governor and we look forward to the positive transformational changes these new laws will allow.”



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