Sauza Tequila Expressions

Sauza Tequila has debuted three new expressions: Tres Generaciones Plata Organic Tequila and Tres Generaciones Reposado Organic Tequila; and Casa Sauza XA, Edition Limitada. The two organic versions are made from hand-picked blue agave plants. The Plata ($34.99 suggested retail) features a slightly herbal nose with citrus notes, sweet flavors of cooked agave, and a slightly bitter and spicy finish. The Reposado ($37.99 suggested retail) shows agave notes of the nose, with hints of wood and spice, while featuring rich, well-balanced flavors of agave and figs. The Casa Sauza XA, Edition Limitada is the brand’s first extra anejo expression, and is available only as a limited edition. XA’s taste is highlighted by its fresh agave flavor and wood notes. Available in individually numbered bottles, XA’s suggested retail price is $150 for a 750-ml. bottle.


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