ProWein Announces American Focus Areas

From the press release:

CHICAGO, IL (Jan. 28, 2013) -ProWein wants to let the US drinks trade in on a little secret.  The fair has a series of exhibits, seminars and other special events planned that are designed to really deliver value specifically to American attendees.

ProWein structures events in two formats, small, intimate “pop up” seminars on the trade floor itself, as well as events in areas specially set up to focus on subjects that are high interest hot buttons.

“The Central Tasting Zone” is a case in point of the latter.  According to Michael Degen, Director of ProWein, International Trade Fair Wines and Spirits, “About 1,000 wines will be available to taste in an efficient, self guided process customized to the individual’s interest.”

Listen carefully as you walk the fair and you’ll hear this sentence repeated over and over.  “Hey you have to check out the wines of this country.”  Whether it’s Georgia, Turkey or Tasmania thousands of wines from countries around the world are on exhibit.  Whether they are new wines from old countries or familiar varieties from new countries, the range of what’s on exhibit is extraordinary.   And with China now making big waves in the wine world, ProWein’s Asian connections will give attendees the opportunity to explore vinous innovations from the country tagged to become one of the largest markets…and producers in the world. The Chinese group exhibit will feature 10 companies including the Changyu Pioneer Wine Company which built the French-style Château Changyu-Castel and recently announced plans for construction of “International Wine City” in Yantai.

Biodynamic and organic have certainly become more mainstream, and visitors will be able to experience one of the largest collections of biodynamic and organic wines. For example, reps from Demeter will be on hand to explain the genesis of the biodynamic movement from its founding by Rudolph Steiner in Austria in 1924 to its widespread adoption around the world.

And let’s not forget spirits.  ProWein has an entire hall dedicated spirits. Looking for that new product concept that might become the next breakout cocktail ingredient like Jagermeister or St. Germain.  The spirits exhibition in Hall 7a is someplace you’ve just got to see to believe. Another highlight will be the FIZZZ-Lounge where renowned bartenders will reveal their recipes.

Walking the booths, you’ll commonly see what look like an impromptu seminar with people, chairs and microphones coming together to focus on one specific topic.  These have been planned and are set up to be intimate gatherings where people not only listen, they also get to talk and learn about what’s specifically important to them.  Whether the subject is international Rieslings, or top somms reporting on trends from the front of the house, ProWein seminars are the place to invest a little bit of time for a lifetime of education.


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