Honey Whiskies Command Store Shelf Space

Need more proof that the honey-flavored whiskey category is on fire? A recent quarterly study conducted by the Beverage Information Group (the research arm of Cheers’ parent company) found that honey variations of the major brands are well represented in the retail space.

The Shelftrac study found that Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey was stocked in 80% of the retail outlets visited. The Bourbon’s honey expression had an average of 2.6 facings per store (meaning nearly three bottles were positioned next to each other on the shelf facing out).

Wild Turkey American Honey also showed impressive inventory and shelf placement, with 70% of the stores visited stocking the flavor, with an average of 2 facings per store. In third place of the brands observed in the study, Bushmill’s Irish Honey was stocked at 50% of the retailers sampled and showed 1.4 facings on average.

Shelftrac provides brand-level distribution, shelf placement and pricing information within 25 metro markets. The study is conducted in a panel of 1,500 outlets comprised of grocery, drug and liquor retailers, including both chains and independents.

For more on the flavored-whiskey trend on-premise, read “Whiskey Business” in the September 2013 issue of Cheers; for off-premise flavored whiskey trends, see “Straight Talk” in the September/October 2013 edition of Beverage Dynamics. And for more on Shelftrac visit the Beverage Information Group.


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