TY KU’s Virtual Sommelier

TY KU is testing a holographic virtual sommelier in a CVS in Monterey, CA. The signage is motion activated and gives recommendations to consumers as they pass by. From the release:


TY KU Sake & Spirits is proud to launch the brand’s first ever Virtual Sommelier, an educational and holographic in-store display.   

Created by Tensator, a global provider of retail technology solutions, the TY KU Virtual Sommelier reaches the next generation of digital signage.  Tensator’s cutting-edge technology projects an image and creates the illusion of a real person – bringing messages to life and engaging customers with consistent and clear communications.  The Virtual Sommelier is motion activated and gives consumers a four minute education on TY KU’s premium sake offerings including how sake is prepared, how to enjoy various different kinds of TY KU Sake and recommendations on the best food pairings and how to serve them.  The first ever beverage brand to launch a holographic in-store display, TY KU’s Virtual Sommelier has test launched at CVS in Monterey, CA for 90 days (May 2 – August 2).  

You can preview a video of the Virtual Sommelier here: https://vimeo.com/94240313.



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