New Headquarters for Ultimate Beverage Challenge

The UBC’s new 2500 square foot space was designed to provide evaluation space for wines and spirits in the organization’s Ultimate Spirits Challenge and Ultimate Wine Challenge. From the press release:

Hawthorne, NY (July 9, 2014) Since its inception in 2010, Ultimate Beverage Challenge (UBC) has vigorously challenged the status quo in beverage evaluation with its meticulous methodology. Now, UBC announces the opening of its new evaluation facility and offices in Hawthorne, New York (just 45 minutes north of Manhattan). This 2,500 square foot space has been specially designed to accommodate UBC’s mission of providing impeccable evaluation of wines and spirits through its two competitions, Ultimate Spirits Challenge (USC) and Ultimate Wine Challenge (UWC).

After five successful years of hosting USC and UWC, the next logical step in UBC’s evolution was to create its own pristine space that provides the ideal environment to delve as deeply as possible into unbiased, clinical product assessment. Starting this September, wine and spirits entries will be accepted on a rolling deadline. Rather than having to evaluate 900 spirits or wines in one week, judges will now have an entire month to thoroughly examine just one or two categories of spirits or wines through sensory evaluation and scientific analysis. The Challenges will continue to utilize the 100-point rating system with results posted a month after each final category entry date on

And cocktails are back!

For example, this November the Ultimate Spirits Challenge team will dedicate the whole month to assessing only gins and vodkas from around the world using judges whose expertise lie in these particular categories. USC is also expanding the spirits evaluation process to examine how individual spirits perform in a category-appropriate cocktail. The assigned cocktail for each category will change each year, thus reviving UBC’s commitment to cocktail evaluation. UBC believes that in today’s world, spirits can only be properly assessed if they are examined both neat and mixed in a cocktail.

January through May 2015, UWC will focus on individual wine categories. As with spirits, judges who have special expertise in specific categories will be chosen from the judges’ pool, allowing for far more intense analysis of each category.

Said founding partner, F. Paul Pacult  “Our new premises allow us, our back-of-house team, and our judges the time and ideal environment to fulfill UBC’s objective which is to  present the fairest and most accurate wine and spirits assessments possible. This type of comprehensive, multilevel, expert evaluation with rolling deadlines for entries will set yet another new standard for the beverage alcohol industry.”


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