Nights by Absolut Visits Cities Around the Globe

Absolut is launching the events as part of its “Transform Today” credo. The program includes artistic collaborations, parties and unique experiences over a four-week period. From the press release:


NEW YORK, Sept 10, 2014 – On September 12, Absolut will kick-off Nights by Absolut – the latest iteration of the brand’s Transform Today(tm) credo – with a global series of adrenaline-inducing events designed to infuse nightlife with creativity, and offer audiences uniquely one-of-a-kind artistic experiences.

Beginning in Brooklyn, New York, Nights by Absolut will seek to embody the spirit of Absolut’s Transform Today brand ethos. Each event will feature an artistic collaboration that reimagines different elements of nightlife – from the city skyline to the dance floor – turning them into a playground of creativity designed to engineer a previously-untapped territory of imagination and invention.

“When you think of amazing nightlife, you think of New York City. A wondrous mixture of art and culture course through the streets every night, making it the perfect location to launch Nights by Absolut,” said Joao Rozario, Vice President, Vodkas, Pernod Ricard. “Reflecting the spirit of the Transform Today campaign which launched last year, the city lives and breathes by rules of metamorphosis – challenging norms and pushing boundaries toward a future that is everyone’s to create.”

Over the next four weeks, Absolut will create unforgettable experiences in four of the world’s most celebrated cities – cities known for trend-setting nightlife. Each of the Nights by Absolut events will be captured on film by acclaimed director Melina Matsoukas, who will stitch together moments that define creativity, artistic expression and nightlife for an upcoming storytelling content series.


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