Sky Ranch Foundation Donates $25,000 For At-Risk Children

Sky Ranch Foundation and Sky Ranch for Boys have donated $25,000 for Florida children in need.

The grant was awarded to Voices for Children of North Central Florida, Inc. This non-profit organization raises money for children involved in the dependency court system: kids who have allegedly been abused, abandoned or neglected.

Founded in 1995, Voices was created to support the quality of care for children under the auspices of the Guardian Ad Litem Program and the Fifth Judicial Court of Florida. At the request of a guardian, Voices may provide staples like sneakers, clothes, diapers as well as funding for more serious specialized medical treatment or psychological evaluations and counseling.

More than 2,000 children in North Central Florida find themselves victims of physical abuse, neglect or abandonment and are usually moved from their homes for a period of time, according to a press release.

“Voices . . . is extremely grateful for the sizable grant awarded to our organization to provide normalcy activities for the children in our circuit,” said Sue Carpenter, President of Voices. “These funds allow [these] children . . . to participate in clubs, on teams and at events they would otherwise be excluded from pursuing.”

Since 2011, Sky Ranch Foundation has awarded $922,394 in grants to organizations providing support for at-risk youth. Formed in 1961 and building on more than 50 years of tradition, Sky Ranch Foundation is a tax-exempt charitable organization committed to identifying and offering grants to efficient and effective programs focused on improving the quality of help available to these youth.

Sky Ranch Foundation is governed by a board of directors comprised mainly of active and retired members of the beverage alcohol industry. The Foundation’s funds have come largely from individuals and companies associated with the beer, wine and spirits industries and reflects the industry’s great concern and commitment for at-risk youth.


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