Double Barrel

Following the success of its Twisted Shotz line of ready-to-drink (RTD) shots, Independent Distillers has launched Double Barrel. These RTD shots are tailored specifically towards men. (85% of Twisted Shotz drinkers are women.)

Double Barrel has twice the volume of Twisted Shotz (50 ml vs. 25 ml) and nearly twice the alcohol (35% ABV vs. 20% ABV). Double Barrel comes in four flavors:

  • Royal Flush (Canadian Whisky & Peach/Cranberry Schnapps)
  • Skull Crusher (Kentucky Bourbon & Black Sambuca)
  • Horny Bull (Tequila & Ginger Liqueur)
  • Diablo (Caribbean Rum & Cassis)

Available in bars, restaurants and retail accounts in across the U.S., Double Barrel is priced at $7.99 SRP for a 4-pack.

More information can be had at or on Facebook.


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