Diageo Calendar Promotes Responsible Drinking

In the beverage industry, promoting responsible drinking is a year-round goal.

To that end, Diageo has produced a wall-mounted calendar that offers safe drinking tips to help retailers in the continuing effort to prevent underage and excessive drinking.

This calendar features monthly suggestions and reminders about steps retailers can take to ensure that they manage alcohol service responsibly.

The tips, which also provide retailers with guidance on training their staffs in responsible service, come out of the work of the Responsible Retailing Forum (RRF) has been doing since 2003 to spread best practices in preventing underage and over-service sales of alcohol.

The calendar has been distributed to the 15,000 members of the American Beverage Licensees (a national trade group for alcohol retailers in the U.S.), and is available to any retailers interested.  If you would like to receive a copy of the calendar, please contact Dr. Danielle Robinson, director, alcohol policy and reputation management at Danielle.robinson@diageo.com


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