TY KU Sake Introduces “Après-Yoga” Campaign

TY KU Sake, makers of premium sake, is launching a new “Après Yoga” marketing and advertising campaign that aims to solidify the brand’s popularity amongst yogis, according to a press release.

As growing numbers of yoga practitioners seek to extend their bonding to after class social settings, TY KU Sake is positioning itself as the preferred beverage for “Après Yoga.”  The TY KU campaign, which was developed with growth accelerator DCX , will launch digitally in March, with consumer print following in April, as well as grass roots and national marketing initiatives throughout the year in yoga studios and at large-scale yoga events.

“What we discovered in our research surprised us,” said TY KU Executive Director, Guillaume Cuvelier. “Sake has built a strong following amongst practitioners of yoga, so we dug a little deeper and found that this segment likes premium sake because of its purity relative to other alcoholic beverages. Sake is one of the purest beverages on the planet and has no sulfites, has less sugar and acidity than wine.”

The “Après Yoga” print ads, developed by TY KU with DCX, were shot by the award-winning portrait photographer Chris Buck.

“The print ads, which will run in Yoga Journal and Origin Magazine, shift the conversation from traditional male bonding in alcohol ads where women are treated as sexual objects, to showing real women of different ages and ethnicities bonding through their love of sake and yoga with the humorous tagline, ‘Happy Hour for the Chakras,’ a press release said.

TY KU’s “Après Yoga” campaign will mark the first ever alcohol advertiser with Yoga Journal in the magazine’s 40 year history, with four insertions throughout the year, along with sponsoring Yoga Journal Live events.

The brand is also partnering with Wanderlust, one of the largest yoga events and festival companies, to hold “Après Yoga” events in cities across the U.S.



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