Mezan Rums: Mezan XO, Jamaica 2000, Panama 2004

Niche Import Co. has announced the newest edition to their portfolio — Mezan Rum.

Mezan rums are unblended and originate from individual islands or countries in the Caribbean. These are vintage rums — discovered in the travels of Mezan’s Cellar Master — and left unsweetened, uncolored and only lightly filtered. They are aged in ex-bourbon casks and then immediately bottled, one cask at a time.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 12.22.05 PMMezan XO — Each small batch of 5,000 bottles was blended from rums produced by several Jamaican distilleries, chosen to reflect the pungency and tropical flavors typical to the country’s rum. The nose contains fresh banana and sweet spice, according to the company, and the taste is light, with complex spice and hints of tobacco. 40% ABV. Available in 750ML bottles.

Jamaica 2000 — Produced from a long slow fermentation enhanced by the addition of dunder, according to the company, this rum was double distilled through a single pot-double retort still. The nose contains ripe banana and honey leather spice, according to the company, and the taste is herbal, with flavors of green anise, sweet spicy toffee, ripe binnacle, and tropical buttery notes. 40% ABV. Available in 750ML bottles.

Panama 2004 — The estate which distilled this spirit still produces its own sugarcane, and yeast culture, which adds to the rum’s character. The nose contains aromas of caramelized bananas, ripe mangos, vanilla spice, banana bread, honeycomb, and candied fruit, according to the company, while the taste is delicate with notes of dried coconut and cocoa. 40% ABV. Available in 750ML bottles.


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