tenshən white wine

Alex Guarachi and Joey Tensley are pleased to announce the launch of tenshən white, which follows in the wake of 2014’s luxury wine launch of tenshən red.

Winemaker Tensley’s new tenshən white is an expression of white Rhône varietals from Santa Barbara County AVA.  Vintage 2014 of tenshən white blends Viognier, Rousanne, Grenache Blanc and Chardonnay, creating an aromatic white wine with essences of tangerine and ripe melon, layered with honeysuckle and hazelnut, according to the company.

The new tenshən brand was created in partnership with Guarachi, founder and CEO of Guarachi Wine Partners.

The name tenshən is a play on words that nods to Tensley’s winemaking abilities and the tension that occurs with harvesting.

“Tension is a tenacious energy that a wine possesses, inspired by the process of picking at the just-ripe-enough precipice and then getting out of the way,” a press release said. “Alex Guarachi and Joey Tensley believe that great wine is all about tension and the elusiveness of this characteristic. As such, the labyrinth design of the label is emblematic of this puzzle or challenge that winemakers face.”




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