Old Hickory Great American Whiskey

Nashville-based R.S. Lipman Company has expanded its portfolio with Old Hickory Great American Whiskey.

New_OH_Straight_Bourbon_Bottle_300A limited production of the Blended Bourbon was tested in TN, MA, CT and NY in 4Q 2014 and sold out immediately, according to a press release. This summer, the company will increase production and introduce a new line extension – the “perfect proof” Old Hickory Straight Bourbon Whiskey (86 proof) – in tandem with the original Old Hickory Blended Bourbon Whiskey.

Distribution deals have already been executed in nine additional states, with even more expected to sign on soon.

Old Hickory is named after the nickname of America’s seventh president, Andrew Jackson, who was a connoisseur of fine whiskey and enjoyed his own blend from a distillery on the grounds of The Hermitage, his Tennessee plantation home, according to a press release.

Old Hickory Blended Bourbon Whiskey is amber colored, with aromas of spicy cherry custard, pistachio gelato, and almond nougat, a fruity, medium-to-full body and a medium-length finish of white toffee, dried cherry and honey custard, according to the company. A 750ml bottle has a suggested retail price of $29.99.

Old Hickory Straight Bourbon Whiskey is near-mahogany colored, with aromas of intense spice and oak, notes of cedar and gingerbread notes, and a palate in which the over-proof comes through, with a finish if pie crust and sweet tobacco, according to the company. A 750ml bottle has a suggested retail price of $39.99.




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