TY KU Cucumber Sake

TY KU Sake has introduced the latest addition to its portfolio of premium sakes, TY KU Cucumber Sake.

Brewed in the heartland of sake, Nara, Japan, TY KU Cucumber is made from premium Junmai sake infused with all-natural, cucumber for a refreshingly crisp and low calorie flavor, according to the company.

TY KU Cucumber is brewed with Akebono rice, natural spring water from Mt. Katsuragi, #901 yeast and handmade koji. Up to 30% of the rice is polished, which makes this sake a premium Junmai sake (85% of all sake consumed in the US is sub-premium), accordion to the company. After the brewing process, TY KU Cucumber is naturally infused with the light flavor of all-natural cucumber, for a smooth finish.

Enjoy chilled in a wine glass or mixed in cocktails.

Like the entire TY KU Sake portfolio, TY KU Cucumber is 100% free of gluten and sulfites, with five times less acidity than wine and only 12% alcohol, according to the company. The suggested retail price for a 720-ml bottle is $14.99.


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