Sky Ranch Foundation Continues to Aid Troubled Youths

In the past four years, the Sky Ranch Foundation and Sky Ranch for Boys have awarded the Sioux City Iowa-based Sky Ranch Behavioral Services $181,250 in grants.

An independent treatment facility, the organization served as the aftercare center for youth matriculating from Sky Ranch prior to the Ranch being sold in 2011. It has been providing counseling for 32 years to young men and women and their families prior to placement, in an effort to eliminate the need for out-of-home placement.

Further, they reintegrate juveniles returning home from placement, keeping the family intact and ensuring against further involvement in the out-of-home placement system, according to a press release.

Sky Ranch Foundation attributes the success of the Behavioral Services team to their comprehensive and consistent application of services which, in addition to on-call service 365 days a year, including twice weekly problem solving groups covering social and communication skills, anger management techniques, money management, family skill development, sexuality, alcohol and drug awareness prevention and more.

Sky Ranch Foundation is actively seeking other organizations worthy of receiving grants.

If you know of any organization which fits the following criteria, please direct them to send an LOI to George Suttles at

  1. Focus on troubled youth, ages 11-18
  2. Offer services which prevent youth involvement in the criminal justice system
  3. Provide long-term rehabilitation in a residential or alternate setting
  4. Offer comprehensive support services to youth including education, job training, enrichment activities, counseling and case management.

More information is available at


Formed in 1961, Sky Ranch Foundation is a tax-exempt charitable organization committed to identifying and offering grants to efficient and effective programs focused on improving the quality of help available to these youth. The foundation is governed by a board of directors comprised mainly of active and retired members of the beverage alcohol industry. The Foundation’s funds have come largely from individuals and companies associated with the beer, wine and spirits industries and reflects the industry’s great concern and commitment for at-risk youth.



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