Thatchers Green Goblin Cider

English cider maker Thatchers is re-launching its Green Goblin Cider to the U.S. market in a new 330-ml bottle, in partnership with Innis & Gunn USA, Inc., seven months after Thatchers entrusted the craft brewer’s US business with its flagship brand, Thatchers Gold.

Green Goblin Cider is 5% ABV, and crafted at Thatchers farm in England. Available to both the on and off premise in bottle, it is also available on draught.

Green Goblin is a full-flavoured, bittersweet blend of apples, according to the company, a balanced, gluten-free hard cider with a medium dry finish. Somerset Redstreak and Dabinett are among the bittersweet apple varieties Thatchers cider-makers have chosen for Green Goblin.

Thatchers Cider has its own orchards where it grows many of the bittersweet varieties that are milled and pressed into its ciders at the Thatcher family farm in England.

The family-run cider maker has an exclusive partnership with Innis & Gunn that sees the Scottish craft brewer assuming all administrative, marketing and promotional support for Thatchers’ flagship brand through its US subsidiary, Innis & Gunn USA, Inc.

Thatchers Green Goblin is available in single 500-ml bottles at $3.99, and $8.99 for a four-pack of 330-ml bottles. A range of point of sale material is also available, including posters, case cards and a tin talker, and will be supported through PR and social media.

To enquire about stocking Thatchers Green Goblin, contact Dan Deluca on 516-551-0191 /



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