Innis And Gunn Rare Oak Pale Ale, Highland Ale

This spring, independent Scottish brewer Innis & Gunn — known for oak aging all its beers — will release two beers featuring native Scottish flavors: the seasonal Innis & Gunn Rare Oak Pale Ale and the limited edition Highland Ale.

The limited edition Highland Ale, with carton.

The Rare Oak Pale Ale is aged over Scottish Oak, last used in brewing over four centuries ago, with the addition of indigenous herbs (Elderflower and Sweet Gale). Crisp, aromatic and light, Rare Oak Pale Ale is made in a traditional pale ale style and carries high hop aroma and bitterness to complement the spicier, drier notes from the Scottish oak, according to the company.

The beer is brewed with Super Styrian and Whitbread Golding hops.

The Oakerator percolates beer through oak chips.

Rare Oak Pale Ale is currently available in select regional markets in a 4-pack (330ml/$9.99 SRP) and in keg, $6-$7 for a 12 oz. pour.

Recommended food pairings: Seared scallops, barbecued meats or ice cream sundaes.

The Highland Ale has been matured using Innis & Gunn’s pioneering Oakerators over oak chips infused with 18 Year Old Highland Malt Whisky. The beer has a fragrant aroma, tastes of spiciness, vanilla and caramel, with a smooth finish, according to the company. It is brewed with Super Styrian hops.

Recommended food pairings: mature cheeses, rich fruit cake and mince pies.


Highland Ale is currently available in select regional markets in a single 660ml bottle with carton for a $7.99 SRP.

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