Copper & Kings Distilled, Immature Brandy and Absinthe Blanche

Copper & Kings distillery in Louisville is trying to make sweet music with brandy and absinthe.

The distillery uses copper pot stills to forge untraditional, natural aged and immature brandies and absinthes. By distilling wine at a low temperature just twice and non-chill filtering the product, Copper & Kings creates craft grape brandies that are aromatic and complex, according to the company.

Enter the music: Barrels are serenaded with music to gently agitate during aging.

Copper & Kings spirits can be enjoyed on the rocks, with mixers or in the composition of cocktails. Copper & Kings brandy products are currently available in 15 states in the South, Northeast and Midwest.

Suggested retail prices:

Craft Distilled Brandy (90 proof/45% ABV) – $35 for 750 mL bottle
Immature Brandy (90 proof/45% ABV) – $30 for 750 mL bottle
Absinthe Blanche (130 proof/65% ABV) – $55 for 750 mL bottle
Vapor Distilled Absinthes: Lavender, Citrus, Ginger (130 proof/65% ABV) – $60 for 750 mL bottle



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