Surf Swim 2013 Chardonnay

Guarachi Wine Partners has introduced Surf Swim, a new California 2013 Chardonnay intended to appeal to nostalgic baby boomers and in-the-moment millennials who enjoy California’s most popular white grape.

Since Chardonnay and surf culture are emblems of the California coast, Surf Swim’s packaging creates a union of two iconic pastimes, according to the company. The retro, sun-weathered wood planks on the label nod to vintage surf culture and the lively beach boardwalk. Finally, the surf/swim sign is a familiar sight to anyone who has ever taken a dip or paddled out into the Pacific.

The Chardonnay within is grown in coastal vineyards. Surf Swim has aromas of peaches, flavors of pineapple, and banana peel on the finish, according to the company.

Surf Swim retails for $9.99 and is available nationwide.


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