Serrallés Celebrates 150 Years

A century and a half is a long time to be in business.

Destilería Serrallés recently hosted a celebration with guests from Puerto Rico, United States and Europe on occasion of the company’s 150th anniversary.

“Since 1865 our passion for distilling exceptional rums continues to drive our mission as well as our commitment to quality excellence and innovation that lead our founder Don Juan Serrallés to create this company 150 years ago,” said Félix J. Serrallés, company President and CEO, in a press release.

The gardens of the Serrallés Castle were selected as the venue for this summer festivity. Members of four generations representing the Serrallés family gathered earlier to take a family photo, as part of the heritage of Destilería Serrallés for future generations.

The Castle ambiance, embellished by AKUA, was designed with 7 different rum “experiences for the senses,” a variety of cocktails crafted by renowned mixologists from Europe, United States and Puerto Rico.

Don Q rums were blended with local fruits and spices. The 7 mixologists representing Puerto Rico, EEUU and Europe included: Hiram Avila from the Caribe Hilton, Esteban Ordóñez from New York, Alexx Mouzouris from Paris, Ramsey Pimentel, from Miami, Jason Backman from Capital/José Enrique restaurants, and Roberto Rodríguez, mixologist from Serrallés in Puerto Rico.

The company said that the highlight of the evening was the unveiling of the Serrallés Family Reserve Rum, a limited edition a 20-year aged rum produced exclusively for the 150th anniversary. Only 1,865 numbered bottles were produced, in honor of the year the company was founded.


All the guests had the opportunity to raise their glasses and share a special toast by Roberto J. Serrallés Yordán, Vice-President of Business Development, and 6th generation rum maker of the Serrallés family.

Celebrity chef Mario Pagán crafted the menu, integrating Serrallés rums in entrées created exclusively for this special celebration. Guests also enjoyed a display of fireworks as well as the musical performances of Millo Torres y el Tercer Planeta and Cuenta Regresiva.


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