Russell’s Reserve Whiskey Packaging Update

Russell’s Reserve has unveiled new packaging for its line of small batch bourbons and ryes.

RR 6YO RyeWhile the liquid remains the same, the new packaging embodies the family heritage and craftsmanship behind the Russell’s Reserve brand, the company says. This whiskey was conceived by father and son distilling duo Jimmy and Eddie Russell.

In order to visually convey the attributes of the liquid, Jimmy and Eddie’s story is brought front and center, branded with signatures of approval from both Master Distillers. The Russell’s name is also brought forth with a more pronounced presence, honoring a family legacy that will exist for generations to come, the company said.

Under the Russell’s Reserve brand, Jimmy and Eddie Russell have released Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Old Bourbon, Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon, Russell’s Reserve 6 Year Old Rye, and debuting later this month, Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Rye.

Each of these expressions has new packaging that reflects the following changes:

  • Logo: The new American White Oak tree emblem with the brand name “Russell’s Reserve” through the middle is shown on the neck label of each bottle. The new logo is meant to bond the strong Russell family foundation into each bottle of whiskey.
  • Cartouche: Has been changed from “Jimmy Russell” to “Russell’s Family Reserve” to represent the Russell family tradition.
  • Label: The new label features a rustic aesthetic that’s synonymous with Russell’s Reserve craftsmanship, the company said, and is purposely made to look more prominent on the bottle to accentuate the combined years of experience that go into the brand and spirit inside the bottle.



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