Maker’s Mark Increases Production with New Still

Maker’s Mark Distillery’s third still has gone live at the company’s production facility at Loretto, KY.

This will increase production of Maker’s Mark bourbon. The third still is a mirror image of the distillery’s two existing stills, the company said. This allows Master Distiller Greg Davis to replicate the same process of Maker’s Mark production set forth by Founder Bill Samuels, Sr. over 60 years ago.

The still was officially online Nov. 18.

Maker’s Mark Distillery’s third still is made of solid copper and stands at approximately 45ft. tall and 3ft. in diameter.

The new still will join two new boilers, 21 more fermenters and a new grain roller. In total, production will increase by “About 850,000 more Mint Juleps’ worth of Maker’s Mark per day,” the company said in a press release.

JPEGMaker's Mark Third Still_01 copy
Maker’s Mark Distillery’s third still


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