Vodka Mariette

Rolling out in the U.S. this season is Vodka Mariette, a French vodka produced in Bordeaux.

Raspberry_PomegranateBottleVodka Mariette is distilled five times in Bordeaux using only French, GMO-free whole wheat and water from the Ambes Spring, the company says.

Volcanic rock from the Eocene Era coats the floor of this spring and deionizes the water. As a result, the company says, the final vodka is smooth, crisp and refreshing.

To embody Mariette — means, “Little Rebel” — the vodka is encased in a handmade and neckless carafe with ‘French-modern’ style, the company says.

The shape also caters to servers; ‘necklessness’ provides easier pouring due to proper weight distribution and a generally nicer hand-feel, the company says. The bottle received an American Package Design Award from Good Design USA particularly for its ability to provoke consumer touch.

Vodka Mariette is also available in three natural flavors: Raspberry & Pomegranate, Vanilla & Coconut, and Orange & Pineapple.

The entire line is 40% ABV, OU kosher, available in six-bottle cartons and retails for approximately $29.99 per 750-ml. bottle.



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