Virginia’s Signature Success

The Virginia ABC takes top honors in our First Annual Best Practices Award.

As the Overall Winner of Stateways’ first-ever Control State Best Practices Award, Virginia ABC truly shines. From its proactive role in alcohol and drug abuse prevention to its efforts at improving the customer experience, the Virginia ABC has earned accolades aplenty for its work.

According to Jeffrey Painter, Virginia ABC chairman, the agency’s mission of protecting citizens by ensuring a safe, orderly and regulated system and enforcing responsible consumption of alcohol does not hinder it from providing a pleasant shopping experience for retail and licensee customers.

“Virginia ABC is a twenty-first century retailer that has the ability and flexibility to respond to customer needs and be creative in the way we approach education and marketing initiatives,” Painter says. “Our award submissions showcase the diverse and all-encompassing aspects of our work—our improved website, our education program geared to high school students, our premier and signature spirits stores and successful enforcement campaign.”

As Painter explains, the overarching element of these initiatives is Virginia ABC’s emphasis on customer service. They believe that no matter who the customer is—store patrons, restaurant managers, spirits suppliers, job seekers, prevention groups or law enforcement organizations—they will provide the same customer service when fulfilling requests, fielding questions and addressing concerns.

“Putting service at the core of our mission ensures that our organization provides optimum customer satisfaction,” Painter says. For him, winning the Control State Best Practices Overall Award reflects Virginia ABC’s concerted efforts to focus on improving customer service through retail and online initiatives.

“It also validates our efforts of building robust educational programs to address underage drinking, as well as strengthening community relationships with our enforcement division,” Painter adds. “It further provides inspiration for the many endeavors we currently have in the pipeline. Most importantly, it reminds us that while remaining adaptable to an ever-changing marketplace requires significant vision, vigilance and commitment; there is great reward in doing so. As I am fond of saying, this is not your grandfather’s ABC.”




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