Quintessential Wines to Import Georges Dubœuf

French winemaker Les Vins Georges Dubœuf has entered into an agreement with the import, marketing and sales company Quintessential Wines, which will exclusively represent Georges Dubœuf-branded wines.

Georges Duboeuf founded his own company in 1964, selecting, bottling and selling fine French wines from the Beaujolais and Mâconnais regions of Burgundy, the company says. In an effort to continue to grow and expand their business in the United States, Les Vins Georges Dubœuf will work with Quintessential.

Beginning January 1, 2016, Quintessential will import Le Vins Georges Dubœuf’s Cru-Beaujolais, Domaine and Chateau wines from such growing areas as Morgon, Moulin-A-Vent, Fleurie, Julienas, Brouilly, and PouillyFuisse, among others, as well as the value-priced Beaujolais-Villages, Macon-Villages and Beaujolais Nouveau wines, with suggested retail prices between $10 and $40.

“In looking to the future, we feel this is the right time to make changes in order to re-introduce our Villages, Cru, Domaine and Chateau wines to the trade and to consumers that we believe will greatly appreciate them,” Georges Dubœuf said in a press release.

Dennis Kreps, who owns Quintessential with his father Stephen D. Kreps, says “Les Vins Georges Dubœuf is a very welcome addition to our portfolio of family owned-and-operated wineries. The timing couldn’t be better for the well-priced Dubœuf ‘Flower Label’ series or for the wines Dubœuf proudly represents from some of the finest Beaujolais Domaines and Chateau properties.”

He is confident that “they are waiting to be ‘discovered’ by younger wine consumers, some of who may not recognize the Dubœuf name but will greatly appreciate their history and heritage, be eager for the stories the growers and winemakers with Dubœuf have to tell, and enjoy the fresh, fruit-forward style of their high-quality wines.”



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