What Americans Drank in 2015

Americans sure did drink a lot in 2015. And one company was keeping tabs on what booze and beer we ordered.

As the popularity of home delivery services continues to grow throughout the US, the on-demand alcohol delivery service Minibar delivery compiled its sales data for 2015.

The most popular brands ordered were:

  • Liquor – Tito’s Vodka, Bulleit Burbon, Absolut Vodka
  • Wine – Veuve Clicquot, Oyster Bay, The Pinot Project
  • Beer – Stella Artois, Bud Light, Blue Moon

Bubbles remained one of the top sellers, with over 65,770 bottles of champagne sold — while 22,845 pounds of ice were delivered to keep it chilled.

Game-day deliveries accounted for some of the most popular delivery times, with 20,479 deliveries made.

Minibar itself did some growing. With 11 new cities launched including Los Angeles, Denver, Washington DC and Miami in 2015, Minibar continued to expand its team by 540% this year and moved its headquarters to the NOHO neighborhood of New York City. Additionally, the company’s corporate business grew, delivering 7,144 happy hours to customers in 19 major cities now served.



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