Guotai International Baijius

Guotai International, LLC will showcase its portfolio during the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America 73rd Annual Convention and Expo in Las Vegas, April 18 – 21. Guotai, one of the only baijius in the U.S. market that’s manufacturer direct, will be exhibiting at Booth 309, in Octavius Exhibit Hall at Caesars Palace.

As China’s national spirit, baijiu (pronounced bye, joo) is a clear liquor made primarily from sorghum and wheat. It’s the world’s best-selling liquor with an estimated 10 to 17 billion liters being consumed annually.

For more than 5,000 years, China has been making baijiu; it is the staple of every celebration in the East and the intricacies of the bottle make it a very common gift. According to Guotai’s Executive Vice President Shirley Chai, Guotai is putting a westernized, modern spin on this ancient tradition by offering a vast portfolio of baijiu that pairs well with Asian-fusion cuisine and can also be used as cocktail mixers.

Guotai Premium Lite

“Guotai baijiu upholds tradition and can be drunk neat like in the east; however, in order for Guotai to appeal to western palates, we created a portfolio that consists of a variety of products, such as a “lite” version that is 18 percent alcohol, as well as numerous high-content products that go up to 43 percent alcohol,” said Chai in a press release.

The Guotai International products include:

Guotai Legend (pictured above)
Alcohol Content: 43% by volume
Recommended Serve: Room temperature in a liqueur glass
Bottle Volume: 750 ml, 1L
Guotai Legend: $45.99 750mL; Guotai Legend: $49.99 1L
Guotai Premium Lite
Alcohol Content: 18% by volume
Recommended Serve: Chilled in a liquor tumbler
Bottle Volume: 375ml, 750 ml
Pricing: Premium lite: $11.99 375mL; Premium Lite: $18.99 750mL


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