Zucca Rabarbaro

This spring, just in time for rhubarb season, Zucca Rabarbaro will join the retro bitters trend and reemerge from the past with a new recipe and higher alcohol content, the company says. The classic Italian amaro will now be available in both liquor stores and bars with its original recipe from over a century ago.

“We have heard the pleas of bartenders for years asking for Zucca Rabarbaro to be more readily available,” says Brett Dunne, EVP-General Manager of Disaronno International, in a press release. “In response to the growing bitters trend, we are relaunching the brand with the original recipe which has a higher alcohol content, making it a more pervasive cocktail base and unique addition to the category.”

Zucca Rabarbaro is created by the combination of Chinese rhubarb and natural herbs. The flavor is a bittersweet taste, a delicate flavor. While the herbs are defined in taste, the key ingredient is the root of the true Chinese rhubarb, which only grows in the mountainous regions of Kansu Province, the company reports.

Originally created to aid digestion, the creation of Zucca Rabarbaro dates to 1845. The signature cocktails highlighting this delicious ingredient are twists on the negroni or spritz. Many also enjoy the bitter served neat or on the rocks to enjoy flavor and scent of the rhubarb concoction.

Zucca Rabarbaro has been produced in limited quantity and will be available at select luxury liquor stores for a cost of $30 per 750-ml. bottle. The amaro will soon be available at select bars and restaurants.


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