Hangar 1 Fog Point Vodka

Hangar 1 Vodka is launching Hangar 1 Fog Point, the first ever spirit to be made with San Franciscan fog-caught water.

In the face of the California drought, and given fresh water is the most precious ingredient in vodka (over 60% of it), Hangar 1 Vodka has launched Hangar 1 Fog Point to “build awareness of this innovative, alternative water source, with exciting future applications in the Bay Area and farther afield,” the company says.

In 2016, Hangar 1 is supporting the organization FogQuest to harness the power of the Bay Area’s haze, by capturing and repurposing it with man-made ‘fog collectors’ that have been strategically positioned throughout San Francisco, including at Sutro Tower.

Hangar 1 Fog Point is a true fog-to-bottle vodka. It begins high above the Pacific Ocean, where miniscule water particles coalesce in clouds of vapor, before skimming across the San Francisco Bay and directly into the grasp of a fog catcher. The particles gather along the catcher’s netting, collecting into droplets of water that gravity pulls into a liquid pool at the base of structure. Hangar 1 takes this sustainably sourced water and blends it with the vodka’s distillate, the company says, cutting it to provide proper proof and unique taste.

The vodka is created with another North California partner, Bonny Doon, whose biodynamic wine is used to create the vodka distillate. Bonny Doon utilizes a fully sustainable winemaking process that ensures its wines – and in turn, Hangar 1 Fog Point Vodka – offer maximum quality with minimal human footprint, the company says.

The result is a fresh and gluten free sipping vodka with a round and floral nose with vanilla, cream and honey suckle, a velvety mouthfeel with tasting notes of vanilla, citrus, and pear, and a finish of warm floral and pepper, the company reports. The bottle itself reflects the project’s technology, with a netted neck wrap and a cartographic back label charting the locations of each San Francisco-based fog catcher.

All profits from Hangar 1 Fog PointTM will be donated to the expansion of sustainable water applications, including installation of more fog catchers around the Bay Area.


Hangar 1 Fog PointTM will be available for purchase for $125 per 750-ml. bottle at the Hangar 1 Distillery in Alameda, CA, and online at HangarOne.com, and served at select local bars and restaurants. For more information, visit HangarOne.com/FogPoint.


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