West Cork Distillers Barrel-Proof 124, Black Reserve 86 Irish Whiskeys

In partnership with its U.S. Importer, M.S. Walker, West Cork Distillers has announced the launch of two new limited-release products to its line of Irish Whiskeys.

Building upon their success with the Bourbon Cask and 10-Year Single Malts, West Cork will be releasing a Black Reserve that “expresses deep woodiness and spice with a lingering sweet vanilla note,” the company says, as well as a Barrel Proof whiskey, tasting of dried fruits, almonds and malt.

The Black Reserve will be bottled at 86 Proof after it is finished in Double Charred Bourbon Casks. The Barrel Proof limited release clocks in at a bold 124 Proof and is matured in Bourbon casks.

West Cork is releasing only 4,800 bottles of each new product in the U.S.

In conjunction with the release of these new products, West Cork Distillers is also revealing a major packaging refresh for its current line of Irish Whiskeys.

This change takes shape with the 10-year Single Malt and the Bourbon Cask Blended Whiskeys, incorporating West Cork’s new logo “illustrating the fusion of fishing and science – a nod to the founders’ roots – and a premium bright-white paper stock and a super-premium glass mold,” the company reports.

The new label continues to depict the Southern coast of Ireland and highlights a sense of place for West Cork Distillers.


Further details of availability in the U.S. can be obtained from Importer, M.S. Walker Inc. 617-776-6700


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