Campari Sells Off Lapostolle Wine Business

The Campari Group has continued its recent exit from the wine business by selling off its Lapostolle brand. The deal will transfer ownership back to the brand’s founding family, headed by Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle.

The sale of this Chilean brand includes all of its wines and pisco, plus other Lapostolle-owned brands, according to an article published by the European Supermarket Magazine, as well as “vineyards, vinification and production plants, inventory, real-estate assets, and the Lapostolle Residence hospitality operations in Chile.”

The Lapostolle family is buying back the brand for a reported cost of about $31 million.

After recently selling off all its Italian wine holdings, Campari’s CEO Bob Kunze-Concewitz had this to say: “This transaction confirms Gruppo Campari strategy of streamlining non-core activities and increasing focus on its core spirits business.”

The Lapostolle winery is located in the Santa Cruz region of Chile and possesses approximately 370 hectares in three different vineyards. Its distribution includes 60 countries across the globe.


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