West Virginia ABCA Reaches Milestone

The West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration (WVABCA) is pleased to announce they have reached a new milestone in wholesale sales of spirits. For calendar year 2018, spirit sales reached $100,118,959.70, accounting for 712,448 cases sold to liquor retail outlet stores across the state. This was up significantly over 2017, which was $94,923,509.51, accounting for 691,393 cases.

WVABCA Commissioner Fred Wooton said, “The performance indicators are strong and continue to improve. By working with our manufacturers, suppliers and retailers we are able to ensure our Distribution Center is maximizing efforts, reducing costs and meeting the market’s needs.”

Commissioner Wooton added, “Beyond maintaining a robust portfolio of products, the WVABCA uses technology to operate more efficiently, quickly fulfill orders, and provide retailers 24/7 access to our on-line web ordering system.”


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