Pennsylvania Senate Introduces Legislation Expanding Consumer Access to Distilled Spirits

The Distilled Spirits Council lauded legislation introduced by State Senator Gene Yaw (R-23) that would expand the number of outlets permitted to sell spirits in Pennsylvania.
The legislation, SB 548, would increase the number of spirits outlets by allowing existing off-premise licensees, including grocery stores with “R licenses” and beer retailers, to immediately begin selling spirits. It would also increase the overall number of wine and spirits outlets by contracting with private retailers in order to better compete with neighboring states.
“I am pleased that a number of my colleagues on the Senate Law and Justice Committee have also signed onto this legislation,” said Senator Yaw. “Serving the consumer and providing greater convenience should be the mission of the PLCB and I believe this legislation achieves that.”
Distilled Spirits Council Vice President of State Government Relations David E. Wojnar said, “We commend Senator Yaw for introducing this legislation in an effort to better serve the Commonwealth’s spirits consumers. While Act 39 looked to improve customer convenience by allowing wines sales outside of the PLCB run stores, expanding spirits outlets is the next logical step in this process. The Council supports expanding the number of outlets permitted to sell spirits in Pennsylvania in order to provide better consumer convenience and choice. This legislation would provide greater customer convenience, generate additional revenue for state and shore up the PLCB’s long-term financial status.”  
According to an economic analysis by the Council, adding 900 spirits outlets would net the state $100 million in additional revenue. Pennsylvania is currently considered extremely underserved, as the state has 0.67 spirits outlets per 10,000 population, versus a national average of 3.80 spirits outlets per 10,000 population.



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