Walmart Introduces Beverage Alcohol Pickup Services

As Amazon and Big Box chains across the country improve their alcohol offerings, Walmart has officially launched beverage alcohol pickup services.

The company is also looking to expand its direct-to-consumer alcohol deliveries.

Customers in 2,000 locations in 29 states — including California, Texas and Florida — can now use the Walmart Grocery Pickup service for beverage alcohol purchases. Shoppers can select a variety of wine and beer options, in accordance with state and local regulations, often including regional or local brands. Certain locations also allow for the pickup of spirits, depending on local laws.

“No matter what’s on your shopping list, Walmart Grocery Pickup is helping our customers keep time in their busy schedules,” says Tom Ward, SVP, Digital Operations. “Now, without ever leaving their car, customers can pick up the perfect bottle of wine for dinner or beer for the big game.”

When customers create their orders online or using the company’s app, they may now include alcohol products along with food and other items. Walmart’s staffers stock the orders, to be picked up in-person. During checkout, customers select a window of time they will come in for their order. If the order includes alcohol, pickup and delivery times may be limited by local law.

Once the customer arrives at the pickup location, there will are reserved parking spaces marked in orange for Grocery Pickup customers. If people choose not to check in ahead of time, there will be a designated number to call to alert an associate of their arrival. An associate will retrieve the prepared order and load it into the trunk of the customer’s car.

At the time of pickup, the customer is required to provide valid photo identification, verifying that they 21 years of age or older, before receiving alcohol products in their order.


Walmart also makes deliveries of adult beverages from nearly 200 stores across two states – California and Florida – with more being added in accordance with local and state regulations, the company reports.


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