New Product: Siempre Tequila

Siempre Tequila is a growing brand looking for continued expansion. It’s a 100% blue weber agave produced in Mexico’s tequila heartland of Jalisco, blending Lowland and Highland agaves.

The distillery is in the Lowland town of Tequila, though 50% of the agave piñas are harvested in Arandas, a Highland region. The red clay soil and elevation of the Highland region produce a tequila that’s different than those grown in the rich volcanic earth of the valley or Lowlands, the company says. In the highland area there are different minerals, cooler nights and more rain, so Highlands agave tend to grow larger and mature slowly, producing sweeter, fruity tequila.

Lowland agave is usually drier, rounder and has more earthy, vegetal and woody flavors. Siempre Spirits blends these with Highland agaves for “the full peppery/earthy flavors from the Lowland area and the sweet floral piñas of the Highland area,” the company says.

Siempre uses an average 28 brix sugar content, and the piñas (“pineapples”) are trimmed by the Jimadores close to the heart of the plant.

The Master Distiller, Agustin Sánchez Rodríguez, uses a distillation process that starts with the Horno (a traditional stonelined brick oven), which steam roasts six- to eight-year-old agave piñas for up to 54 hours. Then the baked piñas are mashed under a tahona stone wheel. The mash goes up a conveyor belt to the mollino (mill), which extracts a sugar concentrated juice from the fibers.

The water is sourced directly from the springs of the “Volcán de Tequila,” which runs underneath the distillery. The juice is then combined with naturally occurring yeast and fermented for 38 to 60 hours. This longer-than-typical fermentation, Agustín explains, results in “more subtleties and it’s mellower flavor.”

Siempre Tequila is then double distilled, and finished with a post-distillation oxygenation process, intended to provide a smoother finish.


The suggested retail price is $39.99 for Siempre Plata and $69.99 for Siempre Añejo, both per 750-ml. bottle.

Siempre Tequila is currently available in 10 U.S. states and registered in 15 total.


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