Haus Moves Toward National Distribution

Haus has announced its nationwide market expansion, including a 19 states deal with Winebow, after three years of direct-to-consumer growth.

“Getting national distribution has historically been impossible for independent liquor brands. So we used the internet to prove to distributors that we were making something people want,” said Helena Hambrecht, Haus CEO. “Because we have already built the brand and know our customer, it helps distributors know where to focus their resources. National distribution is not just possible for us; it’s comparatively easy.”

Haus also announces Selena Donovan as its head of trade marketing, formerly of Grey Goose. “One of the most exciting things at Haus is the way we were able to innovate even the most antiquated pieces of the industry – like target accounts and sales strategies – using DTC data,” said Donovan. “We were able to paint a picture of how Haus will perform market to market before ever selling in wholesale. It’s also exciting to watch buyers say, ‘This is like nothing I’ve ever tried before.’ It really validates the unique sub-category that we are creating in the aperitif sector of the beverage industry.”

With plans to further expand based on customer demand, Haus – available for wholesale in Pomegranate Rosemary, Citrus Flower, Rose Rosé, Grapefruit Jalapeño and Lemon Lavender – is also partnering with WeStock, a Silicon Valley startup that allows customers to request products at retailers in their area.


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