NABCA Launches Gateway App

The National Alcohol Beverage Control Association (NABCA) has launched its Gateway App for iPad and Windows desktops, allowing subscribers to access their daily account level sales information while on the road. The app shows competitor detail at a product level, market share information at an account level, and more from the Association’s 18 control jurisdictions.   

“An impressive component of the app is that it presents 750 million rows of control jurisdictions’ data which will allow for making informed decisions about new products in the market (through product tracker) or reveal areas in a product portfolio for improvement (gap reports),” said President and CEO Neal Insley. “This tool is accessible from the field and provides executives and sales teams with important details in a single view,” he added.

“NABCA Gateway and what is accessible through it accomplishes one of several goals for our Operations Team which works to verify the data it receives from our control jurisdictions,” said SVP Trade Relations and COO David Jackson. “The data is refreshed daily and can be a valuable resource for accessing market share by vendor or category at a state, channel, or store level,” he said.


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