NABCA Communications VP Retires

Steven Schmidt, NABCA senior VP of Public Policy and Communications Departments retires on Dec. 2, 2022.

Schmidt was employed as Director of Education and Community Services at the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board for 12 years before joining NABCA. He has served as policy, and public health/safety liaison to the Board of Directors.

“Steve has played a vital role with NABCA, creating lasting positive impacts with constituents across the country as well as the NABCA family. He has not only provided genuine counsel and guidance but has also helped NABCA achieve significant success across various mission critical programs.  His ability to foster relationships goes well beyond NABCA staff, extending to industry suppliers, public health and safety advocates, governmental organizations, and untold communities within NABCA’s member jurisdictions,” said NABCA President/CEO Neal Insley.

“I am forever grateful for the support and friendship of NABCA’s past and present leadership, staff, membership, and our many partners throughout the US and world,” said Schmidt. “The many accomplishments and positive experiences of the past 16 years have been driven by our shared belief that control systems and alcohol regulation are critical to protecting public health/safety while ensuring responsible and efficient distribution and sales of alcohol. I have no doubt that NABCA has a bright and successful future because of the passion and dedication of its leadership, staff, members, and partners,” he said.  

NABCA’s CFO, Eddie Wirt, will now lead the communications and policy departments.


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