DISCUS Supports Mississippi Bill HB 340

DISCUS has announced its support for bill HB 340, allowing Sunday sales of distilled spirits products in municipalities that approve it. This bill was passed by the Mississippi House of Representatives and sent to the Senate for consideration.  

“Consumers looking to purchase a bottle of their favorite distilled spirits next Sunday for their Super Bowl gathering better plan ahead,” said Andy Deloney, senior vice president and head of state public policy for the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. “It’s not fair to put distilled spirits – and consumer choice – on the sidelines when beer sales are allowed seven days a week. We are grateful the House took action to change this law and hope the Senate will do the same.” 

Under the bill, local municipalities would have the authority to pass Sunday sales of spirits. Since 2002, 21 states have passed laws permitting seven-day sales, bringing the total to 43 states. 

“Consumer interest in distilled spirits is at an all-time high, as folks are trading up to higher-end brands and enjoying cocktails at home,” said Deloney. “It’s time to allow them the same convenience beer consumers have and remove the ban on seven-day spirits sales in Mississippi.” 


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