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DISCUS Report: RTDs and Premiumization Boomed in 2020

The annual economic briefing by the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS), conducted virtually today, confirmed the grim state of on-premise in 2020, while highlighting areas of industry growth. One of the winners...

Why RTDs Will Boom in 2021 and Beyond

How hot are Ready to Drink cocktails (RTDs) in 2020? The category has grown 43% in global consumption this year, according to the IWSR, with U.S. consumers leading the charge. Moreover, the IWSR projects that...

RTDS Embrace Craft

The ready-to-drink (RTD) category has come a long way from cheap, sugary, pre-packaged cocktails commonly found on the bottom shelf. From these humble beginnings RTDs have evolved by embracing the craft movement. Now these...

Molson Coors to Distribute Superbird RTD Cocktail

As RTD cocktails continue to trend, Molson Coors Beverage Company has announced a partnership with CKBG to distribute Superbird. Superbird is a 100% blue agave tequila-based canned cocktail. The agreement marks Molson Coors first entry into the premium ready-to-drink...

Tequila Sales Are Rising on Drizly in 2020. Why?

The tequila boom has gained momentum during the pandemic. Sales continue to impress at retail and ecommerce platforms like Drizly — while celebrities including The Rock and Pitbull have gotten into the game. What’s going on? Reasons for this...

What Alcohol Consumers Are Buying, Months into COVID-19

Forget months, March 2020 feels like it happened years ago. COVID-19 caught the country unprepared for a pandemic. Like everybody else, beverage alcohol retailers had to adapt rapidly. They faced a surge of panic purchases, questions whether...

Texas Spirit: Southern Champion Begins Distilling in the Lone Star State

New distilleries are popping up across the nation, as the craft movement expands from coast to coast, border to border. This includes Southern Champion of Texas. This distillery is the newest venture by Merrilee Kick, who is also...

The Spice Trade

Flavored and spiced rums drive business by promising the beach in a bottle. Sun, sand and surf — lazy summer days and easy-drinking rum cocktails continue to attract a thirsty, young LDA crowd. Spiced and...

No Mixing Required

Americans today crave convenience. And in the spirits category, what can be more convenient than Ready 
 to Drink (RTD) cocktails and shots? These products contain fresh, premium ingredients, often in small, sealed, one-serving containers....

Cask of Stars

American whiskies are taking center stage, applauded by a wider and more appreciative audience.

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