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Best Practices 2017 Best Consumer Tasting Program: Windom, Minnesota

River Bend Liquor wanted to bring something different to the town of Windom, Minnesota. The municipal store’s manager, Joe Audette, had plans to organize the city’s first large craft beer tasting event on October...

Best Practices 2017 Best Warehouse Innovation: Oregon LCC

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) had a major problem: it was outgrowing its conveyor system. The agency’s Milwaukie-based warehouse was struggling to keep up with increased demand. So rather than move to a...

Best Practices 2017 Best Consumer Education Program: Virginia ABC

The Virginia ABC achieved success in the past year through collaboration, with two campaigns that promoted aspects of the state’s vibrant wine industry. For Virginia Wine Month in October of 2016, the Virginia ABC partnered...

Best Practices 2017 Best Retail Innovation: Pennsylvania LCB

Big changes arrived in the state of Pennsylvania on June 8, 2016. That’s when Governor Tom Wolf signed a new bill into law known as Act 39, which expanded many of the responsibilities given...

Best Practices 2017 Best Trade/Licensee Education Program: Iowa ABD

The Register’s Annual Bike Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) is the oldest, largest and longest week-long bicycle touring event in the world, but over the years it has developed a reputation for partying and revelry. Over...

Best Practices 2017 Best Technology Innovation: Idaho State Liquor Division

The Idaho State Liquor Division (ISLD) implemented two innovative programs last year. Leveraging technology, the organization has enhanced employee education, as well as the work and effectiveness of scheduling. “Staff training is key,” says Catie...

Best Practices 2017 Best Legislative Outreach Program: Montgomery County DLC

Marketing executives use it as a key tool for their success. Financial consultants use it to obtain new clients and often make it a key part of their overall business strategies. Meeting and event...

Simplified Workflow

2016 Control State Best Practices Winner: Best Technology Innovation (TIE) Brooklyn Center Municipal Liquor   A new system has streamlined invoice tracking and improved payment speed at Brooklyn Center Municipal Liquor. Tom Agnes, its operations manager since...

Embracing Maine’s Distillery Growth

2016 Control State Best Practices Winner: Best On-Premise Innovation Maine BABLO   Small distilleries across the country are experiencing a “boom” of sorts. In fact, Maine’s small distilleries are experiencing such significant growth in recent years that...

Local Outreach Builds Relationships

2016 Control State Best Practices Winner: Best Enforcement Program Virginia ABC   In February, the Virginia ABC launched a training program aimed at empowering local law enforcement agencies to better respond to alcohol-related problems in their jurisdictions....

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