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Exploring the Unexpected and Modern in Brandy

Say what you will about brandy: no other spirits category spans a wider range of styles. From vegetal unaged pisco, to crisp Calvados, to rich, luscious, baking spice-tinged XO Cognac, brandy is brimming with...

Buffalo Trace Reveals 2022 Antique Collection Whiskeys

George T. Stagg is back. In one of Bourbon Hunting Season's most anticipated moments, Buffalo Trace has unveiled the lineup of its 2022 Antique Collection — complete with the return of George T. Stagg,...

NABCA Launches Gateway App

The National Alcohol Beverage Control Association (NABCA) has launched its Gateway App for iPad and Windows desktops, allowing subscribers to access their daily account level sales information while on the road. The app shows...

The Latest Trends in Sparkling Wine

Perhaps no other beverage can generate attention like sparkling wine. Uncorking a bottle in a crowded dining room is known to elicit heads turning to find the origin of that quiet “pop,” not to...

TTB Proposes Official Definition of American Single Malt

Long-running efforts by distillers of American single malt may finally pay off. Producers behind the style — which lacks a legal definition — have pushed the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau for an...

Vodka Trends in 2022

Vodka, the largest spirits category in the U.S., has been getting a run for its money in recent months by faster-growing segments, such as tequila/mezcal and whiskey. But brands and mixologists continue to find...

Why Nonalcoholic Drinks are on the Rise

If you need more proof of the no-proof beverage trend, a new industry group called the Adult Non-Alcoholic Beverage Association (ANBA) formed last year to represent nonalcoholic adult beverage manufacturers. There’s also the flurry...

The 2022 Wine Growth Brands Awards — Recognizing Top Brands

After the pandemic-driven turmoil of the previous year, 2021 proved to be decent for the wine industry. As vaccines rolled out and Covid restrictions lifted, consumers started gathering again with friends and entertaining. Weddings, parties...

The Top Rum Trends in 2022

“Rums are diverse in a way that no other distilled spirit can be,” says Nate Hynson, general manager for Mutiny Pirate Bar & Island Grille. The company, with two units based in Maryland, stocks...

What’s Next for Cannabis Beverages?

As the pro-pot movement continues in America, cannabis beverages remain a fast-emerging trend. These drinks typically contain the cannabinoids THC or CBD — or a combination of both. Cannabinoids are naturally occurring compounds, of...

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