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Our Favorite Wines We Drank in 2021

For our final wine panel of 2021, we asked our panelists to recall and rate their favorite wines that they drank during the past year. Holiday season is a time of celebration, so this...

Why Brandy is on the Upswing

Not only is brandy the backbone in many classic cocktails, the distilled wine spirit also features prominently in fine cooking recipes. As more consumers turned to cooking and mixing cocktails at home during the...

The Top Alcohol Retail Tech for 2021-22

Technology was already important for beverage alcohol retailers before the pandemic. Now, with consumers more accustomed to buying everything online as they prefer quicker, efficient shopping, running the right tech at your business has...

Podcast: The Future of Alcohol Retail Technology

In our latest podcast episode of On & Off, the leading alcohol trade podcast, we discuss the future of technology for alcohol retail and also the on-premise. Editors Melissa Dowling and Kyle Swartz chat about how...

Podcast: Celebrating Women in Alcohol

Our latest podcast is a discussion with two female leaders at Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits. Bridget Albert, National Director of Education Beam Suntory, and Julie Milroy, VP of On-Premise, host their own successful alcohol...

Virginia ABC: The 2021 Overall Best Practices Award Winner

Despite significant changes over the years, the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority (ABC) has successfully maintained its position as one of the most innovative and forward-thinking beverage alcohol control states. After receiving authority status in...

Leaving a Legacy: Recalling Jim Sgueo’s 53-year Career at NABCA

From the mail room to the board room — that’s how so many of NABCA President and CEO Jim Sgueo’s colleagues and industry peers describe his 53-year career at the association. But there’s a...

Podcast: American Whiskey Trends with Maggie Kimberl

What’s trendier in the alcohol industry than American whiskey? But can our brown spirits boom continue at such a rapid pace? And which American whiskey trends are here to stay — or only temporary? In...

9 Alcohol Trends in 2021-22

Alcohol trends have shifted significantly in the past two years. The world of 2019 feels like decades ago. The generational pandemic of 2020 reshaped our lives in a rapid, lasting fashion. However, not everything from the time of...

Our Favorite American Wines for 2021

For our latest wine reviews of 2021, we asked our panel of wine professionals to taste and rate wines from around the United States. This includes states cultivating grapes from coast to coast. As always,...

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