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Exploring the Unexpected and Modern in Brandy

Say what you will about brandy: no other spirits category spans a wider range of styles. From vegetal unaged pisco, to crisp Calvados, to rich, luscious, baking spice-tinged XO Cognac, brandy is brimming with...

Our 2022 Holiday Alcohol Gift Guide

Every year we round up a variety of holiday gifting options, sure to bring a smile to friends and family. From limited-edition packaging to new releases and value add-ons, we cover a variety of...

The Alcohol Brands Driving Meaningful Change in DEI

The recent, much-needed emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the beverage alcohol industry is reflected by the rise of successful brands with diverse ownership. Gradually, industry leaders represent a broader range of...

Wine Sales Continue to Slide, According to 2022 Wine Handbook

Wine sales continue to struggle, according to the Beverage Information Group’s 2022 Wine Handbook, recently published. The wine category saw its volume fall -0.5% in 2021, dropping to its lowest point since 2018, with 348...

Why You Should Attend Industry Conferences

When I first began traveling to trade shows for our family store, my father and I observed a ritual. Before I left, I went into his office. He would give me a pen. Holding the...

Data Driven: Where Tequila Sales Differ

As part of our ongoing tracking of the industry, the Beverage Information Group surveys our readers quarterly, collecting trends/sentiment data from distributors, on-premise and off-premise operators. For our most recent study, conducted in August...

The Latest Trends in Sparkling Wine

Perhaps no other beverage can generate attention like sparkling wine. Uncorking a bottle in a crowded dining room is known to elicit heads turning to find the origin of that quiet “pop,” not to...

Podcast: Alcohol Retail Technology in 2022

In this episode of the podcast On & Off, covering the on- and off-premise of the alcohol industry, we delve into alcohol retail technology. The pandemic changed everything for this category. Suddenly, every retail store...

Podcast: Beverage Week 2022 Recap

What are the most pressing trends and challenges facing the on- and off-premise beverage alcohol industries? In this episode, Editors Melissa Dowling and Kyle Swartz are joined by Associate Editor Jamie Stafford to recap...

TTB Proposes Official Definition of American Single Malt

Long-running efforts by distillers of American single malt may finally pay off. Producers behind the style — which lacks a legal definition — have pushed the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau for an...

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