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Our Favorite Spring and Summer Wines for 2021

For our second wine panel of 2021, StateWays asked our panel of wine industry professionals to sample and grade spring and summer wines. As we move on from winter’s cold grip, it’s time to pop those...

Interview: How Alcohol Distribution Evolved with Covid-19

The 2020 pandemic greatly altered all tiers of the industry, including alcohol distribution. As Covid-19 first swept over the world, wholesalers, warehouses and shippers adapted rapidly. During this time of change, we spoke on the topic with...

Incoming Brown-Forman Chairman Campbell P. Brown Discusses the Growth of Old Forester

Brown-Forman is synonymous with American whiskey. Beyond the quintessential Tennessee whiskey Jack Daniel’s, the company also owns the Kentucky brands Woodford Reserve, Cooper’s Craft and Old Forester.  It’s the latter where this story began. In...

Virginia Acts With Authority

Beverage alcohol control in Virginia has fundamentally changed in recent years. Rather than a department or agency, the VABC now legally operates as an “authority.” Approval for this shift occurred during the 2015 General...

DISCUS Report: RTDs and Premiumization Boomed in 2020

The annual economic briefing by the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS), conducted virtually today, confirmed the grim state of on-premise in 2020, while highlighting areas of industry growth. One of the winners...

Podcast: How Kentucky Spirits Became a Global Powerhouse

Kentucky spirits were not always this hot. Not that long ago, distilleries could not give away bourbon. Now, fanatical fans of brown spirits post in private Facebook groups to help each other hunt down any...

Podcast: How Alcohol Companies Can Promote Sustainability

In our latest podcast, we examine sustainability movements is in the alcohol industry. Editors Melissa Dowling and Kyle Swartz sit down with Nick Martin, Executive Director of the Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable. BIER is a technical...

10 American Whiskey Trends in 2021

While Covid-19 shut down most of the world in 2020, whiskey aged in rickhouses all the same. The market for American brown spirits hardly cooled off. The boom in consumer interest continued throughout the...

Podcast: What’s Next for Hard Seltzer?

In our latest podcast about the on- and off-premise alcohol industries, Editors Kyle Swartz and Melissa Dowling discuss the ongoing boom in hard seltzer, and what’s next for this red-hot category. How much more can...

Why RTDs Will Boom in 2021 and Beyond

How hot are Ready to Drink cocktails (RTDs) in 2020? The category has grown 43% in global consumption this year, according to the IWSR, with U.S. consumers leading the charge. Moreover, the IWSR projects that...

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